Welcome to Preferred Benefits

We are national benefit consultants that have worked with hundreds of Home Care agencies throughout the country. We offer benefit solutions tailored specifically for your company. We will assess risks that need to be accounted for while also designing a plan at an affordable price for you. Our variety of services and benefits are tailored to meet the needs of each employer and their employees.
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How Can You Benefit From Us?

We specialize in creating benefit solutions for employers as well as employees. We work to ensure the solutions we provide are a perfect fit for our client. We always work diligently to be sure that every client is satisfied. At Preferred Benefit Consultants, we truly care about the caregiver.

Welcome to Viventium

Viventium is here to help you with your greatest payroll and HR software challenges. Our intuitive software is built with you and for you, so your agency can streamline and optimize its HR processes to drive maximum caregiver retention. We are in it with you to make the hard stuff easy, from managing all of your payroll needs, to compliance and onboarding with one user-friendly, all-in-one platform.
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Payroll and HR for Home Care

We’ll help you onboard your employees, run your payroll, and even update you as new compliance rules, laws, and regulations are instituted. We know your payroll is complicated due to different rates, retroactive pay and overtime, and even complex deductions at the local level. Our software makes running payroll easy.

When your benefits consultant and your payroll company talk, you can be sure benefits and payroll are done right. Contact us today if you would like to learn more about either or all of our services.

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